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6 thoughts on “Connecting to Spirit Weekend Meditation”

  1. Good morning. I just finished and have to thank you. I’ve done many meditations with you. This was profound for me. Normally when we connect with our bodies, I feel my emotions/feelings in my gut. You helped me open my heart this morning! I wept and realized I’ve been guarding my heart for so many years. I’ve lived most of my life in fear reacting and trying to outsmart struggles rather than follow my heart. I’ve taken advice from strangers rather than listen to my heart. Thank you so much Davidji. I love you ❤️

  2. Thank you so much David for all you do. This meditation is a much needed one for me. Blessings and Namaste’

  3. So enjoyed this meditation early this morning! I didn’t want it to end! Thank you, Davdji!

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