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How Do You Choose between Your Heart and Your Commitments?

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source!

Every moment in our existence begins with awareness. If we are not aware of something, it doesn’t exist in our consciousness. But when we place our attention on that thing . . . poof! It becomes “real.”

The Divine Principle of Awareness is the evolutionary starting point for transforming the world around you as you transform yourself! It’s the cornerstone for every step you take to move your life from where it is to where you’d like to be.

Establishing ourselves in a state of expanded awareness raises our vibration and suddenly places us in a position to make better decisions—choices driven by courage, strength, our best version, and our highest truth rather than from a space of fear, desperation, or weakness. This new, empowered mind-set gives us the spark to continue our spiritual journeys and navigate with confidence, clarity, and deeper understanding.

Think back to when you woke up this morning. Prior to the millisecond that you drifted from your final wave of sleep into a waking state, nothing was “real.”

Maybe you remember the last few seconds of your dream. Or maybe you were totally unconscious. But then, for some reason—maybe your alarm rang, the sun rose, the dog barked, or the garbage truck made that grinding sound—you became conscious.

One of the hallmarks of being in an awake or conscious state is that as we absorb the world through our five senses, and we become aware of what we are hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, thinking, and, ultimately, of what we are feeling.

Depending on the depth of that awareness, we then unfold a progression of neurological, electrical, chemical, and physical interactions that move us to focus our attention onto something; then to set an intention regarding that object of our attention; and then to take action in order to achieve our goal.

This conscious choice-making process can be as simple as opening your eyes to look at the clock, wanting to turn off the alarm, and then tapping the snooze button, or realizing you have an early morning meeting, desiring to get out of the house quickly, and then jumping out of bed. And, throughout our day, the process can be as complex as becoming aware that your current job, relationship, or circumstance is no longer serving you; then deciding to shift that narrative; and then physically leaving that situation!

Everything starts with awareness, then flows to a state of desire, and then unfolds into an action. Everything. Even if you should decide that your action is to take no action!

We understand the modern science behind this sequence now, but 2,500 years ago, the basics of this process were inscribed in an ancient Indian holy book—the Bhagavad Gita—with the Sanskrit words: yogastha kuru karmani. Translated into English, it provides the fundamental guidance embedded in the Second Divine Principle – essentially to establish yourself in the present moment and then perform action.

The Divine Principle of Awareness has existed for eternity. And there are three Sacred Powers that have upheld this timeless truth of transformation since mankind and womankind first walked the earth. Awakening them heightens your awareness, aligns you more closely with the Universe, sets your world in motion, and begins the process of manifestation. These three progressive Sacred Powers are:

  • The Sacred Power of Attention
  • The Sacred Power of Intention
  • The Sacred Power of Action

Activating these three Sacred Powers is critical for an evolutionary shift to occur in your life. And once they are activated as the starting point for how you see the world, transformation flows effortlessly. It’s pretty simple. And, it starts by engraining these three self-reflections into your awareness:

  1. Where is my attention in a given moment?
  2. What is the intention I’m bringing to that moment?
  3. What action will flow from my intention?

Attention is the activator of intention, intention is the spark of transformation, and action converts the energy flow into your tangible reality. Read more about Divine Principle of Awareness in my book Sacred Powers. Get it on Amazon!

In the meantime, keep meditating, and I’ll see you in the GAP. Peace. -davidji

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