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You Have A Choice Meditation Video

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“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” – Eleanore Roosevelt

Hello Spiritual Warriors! And welcome to the last week of 2014 and the first week of 2015 all rolled into one!

Endings & beginnings – what we do with them becomes the unique mosaic of our life. So kooky – but real. And here we have a week where we get to get clear and fuse them together.

Right now in the last few breaths of 2014, you may be dealing with some pretty big issues regarding your intentions, your heart, your career, your money, your health, your family, and your path. Maybe you are even too busy to read this blog. You may be trying to let go or bring closure to something in your life that hurt you, haunts you, troubles you, or simply distracts you.

This You Have a Choice meditation video is about making decisions – big or little… they create the fractal for what comes next. And that… can be a huge opportunity. Right here… right now… we can jump up and make a decision that will free us, move us, shift us away from the same-old same-old.

If you’re ready for that – then let’s take that step together! Let’s make a choice right now that will set us on a new path for the next twelve months. If we have the courage right now… to take that step, we can build on that in choosing a life filled with clarity, purpose, and deeper fulfillment.

This doesn’t mean everything will unfold the way we envision. But we do have total control of how we want to show up and respond to each circumstance, situation, roadblock, speed bump, and gift that the universe serves up. We have the power to break free from our conditioned way of thinking and doing or we can keep thinking the same way, reacting in the same way, and driving in the same direction. We get to choose our journey – and we get to choose how we transform.

Join me each week on Hay House Radio & if you can make the commitment, join me at one of my intimate workshops, Teacher Trainings, or retreats.


We transform the world by transforming ourselves. Keep meditating and keep leaning into your dreams! In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap! Happy New Year! Peace. -davidji

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