City: Comox, BC, CAN nadine
Teacher: Nadine Clark
Name of Practice: Flowing the soft glow of self-love
Phone: 250-331-3943
Bio: Meditation is a perpetual gift of self-love. My practice is consistent in stillness, breath awareness, heart centering, loving kindness, chakra toning and energy balancing. Breath suspends my activity in the silence. I am most inspired by the potential and the possibilities of heart-centered awareness and artistry. In meditation, I am a student of Life’s grace.

 width=City:  Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Teacher:  Tryna Gower
Name of Practice:  Medium Tryna Gower
FB: Medium Tryna Gower
IG: @mediumtryna
Specialities: Indigenous Intuitive, Speaker, Author, Spiritual Retreat Founder and Meditation Teacher, Tryna Gower will teach you meditation online or in person. A Mexican Medicine Man, Native Elders, many spiritual teachers from around the world and davidji, have all guided Tryna on her journey to become your meditation guide and teacher for all things intuitive and healing. She shares her love for people by hosting an annual healing retreat called, be. real, that features her very own teachers and mentors to help you become your best self.
Contact info: call or text: 250.719.7373 or email

City: Kelowna, BC, CAN nancy
Teacher: Nancy MacLeod
Name of Practice: Infinite Soul
Bio: Nancy is a certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher with a passion for helping you connect to your genuine self and open to the infinite possibilities that exist within each of us. She offers private meditation instruction, coaching, and retreat planning. Nancy also works as events manager and teacher liaison with davidji. In that role, she helps organize and host weekend and week-long meditation and mindfulness retreats with internationally recognized meditation expert, stress-management counselor, corporate trainer and author davidji. Nancy began this journey after the sudden loss of her husband in 2009, an experience that taught her to truly embrace the present moment – initially as a trauma coping mechanism and then, over time, as a beautiful expression of self and living a meaningful life. Working with others who have experienced loss, are navigating their way through the recent pain of loss, or are struggling to overcome stress and challenge is a special calling for Nancy.
Specialties: Certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher

BunnyCity: Whistler, BC, CAN
Teacher: Beverly Lucas
Phone: 604-902-1467
Bio: My practice right now is simply me, and being open to teach.

 width=City:  Victoria, BC, CAN
Teacher:  Erin Lewyk
Name of Practice: Air In Meditation
Bio: I’m a former Ironman triathlete turned meditation teacher! I’ve been meditating for 6 years and began to deepen my practice in 2016.  I have found my true dharma as a meditation teacher. This is how I serve, inspire and uplift others.  I offer accessible, customized guided meditation and meditative experiences based on loving-kindness.  If you can breathe, you can meditate!  Be the calm in the chaos.
Specialties:  Guided meditation, 1:1’s, Corporate, Silent Night Experience, Athletes, Yoga Nidra
Contact: 604.367-9704

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