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A Blueprint for Fulfillment

“When all of your desires are distilled you will have but two choices: to love more & be happy.” – Hafiz

Hello Spiritual Warriors!!

More than 5000 years ago, the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda defined the primary human goals or intentions that lead to fulfillment in life – these are called the purushartas translated as that which is sought by man. In Sanskrit these four goals are kama (love), artha (prosperity), dharma (purpose), and moksha (freedom).

The broadest definition of Kama is love – love of beauty, love of life, love of those dear to us, and love of pleasure. Kama is the most basic goal in life – as we are all flesh-encapsulated egos desiring happiness and seeking to avoid pain & suffering. According to Vedanta, we should all experience joy.

Artha (pronounced ar-ta) is the abundance we experience in the material world. On the most basic level, its making sure we meet our basic safety needs of food, shelter, clothing – or as Abraham Maslow defined them in his hierarchy of needs: our personal security, financial security, our health and well-being.

Dharma is our purpose in life – how we express the universe through our own individuality. According to these ancient wisdom traditions, each of us has a unique gift and a special talent; and we are each a reflection of the divine creator (whatever we each believe that to be) in human form.

Moksha is liberation – freedom from samsara: the cycle of birth, life & death. Trapped in these flesh casings for the span of a lifetime, we can get pretty constricted. Human moksha can also include emotional freedom, freedom to finally be happy, creative freedom, freedom from our confusion, freedom from pain, even freedom from boredom.

Kama, artha, and dharma are considered secondary goals because they are all about outward expression. Moksha is considered a primary goal because it is our true nature and flows through every facet of our existence. We are continually desiring to be free.

Living our lives with these four purushartas as guideposts can bring us back to center; move us from Object referral to Self referral; and to powerful moments of self reflection. When you find yourself lost, confused, uncertain about which path to proceed upon – look at life through the lens of LOVE – PROSPERITY – PURPOSE – FREEDOM and you will quickly come back to center…clarity will emerge…and shortly after…happiness will unfold.

Join me at my Dharma – Life Change workshop and let’s explore the purushartas together – and listen to Hay House Radio today and we’ll take it deeper. Thanks for journeying with me. It fills me with joy!!
See you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

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