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Awakening Your Spirit Guide Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!

Sometimes we all need a little help, a little companionship, to take our life from where we are to where we want to be.

It can get lonely with all the distractions and challenges of life. But you’re not alone! Summon one passenger to ride with you — summon your spirit guide, your support system, someone you can call on for answers, for truth! Identify a trait or quality — strength, insight, abundance, surrender — that you’d like to awaken in yourself, and which divine being might inherit that trait.

Mantra: You have to listen to the meditation!

16 thoughts on “Awakening Your Spirit Guide Weekend Meditation”

  1. That was beautiful, thank you! I hope this goes on insight timer at some point. I listen to a lot of your meditations there. Namaste.

  2. Amazing! I needed this and it arrived to me as I was traveling through the Canadian Rockies, Sometimes I wonder if your my Spirit Guide. Always the right meditation at the right time, Thank You Davidji!

  3. It was lovely, very peaceful, comforting, and powerful. Many thanks for the lovely journey to the top of the world.

  4. It was a good story, davidji – and look what happened… I found my spirit guide right there on the top of the mountain!

  5. Thank you so much for one of the most beautiful meditations I have ever listened to. I feel at peace and inspired.

  6. Sheer perfection Loving how the Universe provides exactly what and when I am ready to receive what I need at any given moment….
    I was wonderful being reunited with my Spirit guide… A Wise Woman I knew once long ago in physical body and has since passed…. Thank You Davidji…. <3

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