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3 Simple Tips to Reduce Your STRESS Right Now

Hello Spiritual Warrior! In this week’s Life Tools, we are exploring three simple tips to reduce your stress right now!

Yes, stress! We know it. We all have it. We all experience it. It’s part of the human condition.

If the definition of stress is how you respond when your needs are not met, then stress is universal because our needs are universal, and they are not always being met. In fact, human beings experience stress 8–15 times a day. And assuming our typical eight hours of sleep, that’s an unmet need every one to two hours! But it’s what we do with it, it’s how we respond to our unmet needs that determines the fabric of our life.

As we sway relentlessly between the realms of our met and unmet needs, the world swirls around us. And in critical moments when we crave clarity, the spontaneous right thought, word, or action . . . when we wish it could just slow down a bit so that we could make the best, most conscious choice for ourselves and everyone around us . . . boom! Instead, we may find ourselves swept up in a tsunami of thoughts, fears, confusion, overwhelm, regrettable behaviors, knee-jerk emotions, and conditioned reactions. Hormones and chemicals surge through our body, constricting our blood vessels, shallowing our breathing, thickening our blood, heightening our sugar levels, and suppressing our immune system.

But wait—the most recent scientific research now points to the fact that stress is not necessarily bad for us. It may even add value to our life – it can focus us, push us forward in the direction of our goals, increase our productivity, reinforce our relationships, and even elevate our journey of personal development.

The long-term implications of stress are all based on our perception of it. The main reason most of us suffer with stress is because we often don’t have the right tools to address it. It is the reason I twisted for more than 20 years in the corporate world, struggling with restless sleep, living without balance, feeling overwhelmed, and searching for deeper fulfillment that rarely seemed to come. I didn’t know what the tools were—nor did I have the manual on how to use them. I didn’t even know there were tools!

But there ARE tools, and you can change your perspective on stress by rewiring your habitual response to the moments when your needs are not met. Check out this week’s video to find out the three steps to change your perspective and reduce your stress right now.

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Namaste. -davidji & Peaches the Buddha Princess


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