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Welcome, Spiritual Warrior!

I’ve created this free online portal exclusively for you to connect more deeply with the “Sacred Powers” teachings, listen to expanded guided meditations, and refresh your practice in those moments when constriction strikes or when you’d like a quick review. Enjoy.

Moksha Meditation

Moksha (pronounced moke-sha), is a concept that was first discussed 2500 years ago in the ancient Vedic text the Katha Upanishad where it referred to one’s emancipation from the ongoing cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. But, for thousands of years, it was also defined as our perfect state of being, a pure liberation, where we are fully released from our ego and all the emotional constrictions that weigh so heavily on us. I define moksha in the real world sense of being totally free from the past. However you define it, know that it comes from the Sanskrit root muc, which means free, let go, or release. You can silently whisper it to yourself during your Sacred Rite; repeat it out loud while you are commuting to work; or simply use it as a pattern interruption whenever you find yourself slipping into an old, constricted pattern, or a non-nourishing behavior. When the world feels like it’s closing in on you, or you feel like you’ve come to a dead end, simply bring yourself back to, Moksha. I am free. When I released my second album of guided meditations, Journey to Infinity, with the Canadian sound-healing duo Sacred Fire, the first single we released was a track called Moksha, which continues to be one of the most powerful meditations I’ve ever recorded. If you’d like to use this meditation as part of your REbirth practice here’s the video and mp3 if you’d like to download it to your personal library.