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blue moon cosmic connection

Cosmic Connection Weekend Meditation

Today we will celebrate the second full moon in the same month, and when that rarity occurs (the next one isn’t until 2018!), it’s known as a Blue Moon. We began the month with a Full Moon on July 1st and now we close the month with a Blue Moon. These full moons are bracketing … Continue reading Cosmic Connection Weekend Meditation

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Tune In to the Rhythms of Life All Around Us

Hello Spiritual Warriors & welcome to this edition of The Source. This week, we explore the rhythm of life through the Blue Moon. There are so many different rhythms to our current life – tidal rhythms, lunar rhythms, the rhythms of the seasons, the daily circadian rhythms of night and day, of light and darkness, … Continue reading Tune In to the Rhythms of Life All Around Us

owning your impact

Owning Your Impact Weekend Meditation

yata pinde tat brahmande: as is the cosmic body, so is the personal body; as is the cosmic mind, so is the personal mind. At our core rests the stillness and silence that connects us to the divine. This inherant wisdom flowing through us should allow us to own our impact in every moment. But sometimes we get confused … Continue reading Owning Your Impact Weekend Meditation

Moving from activity to stillness during meditation translates into more conscious behaviors during non-meditation. Your interactions with the world shift more effortlessly from reflexiveness to reflectiveness, from defensiveness to openness, and from drama to calmer. –davidji