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It’s a Coincidence!

Hello Spiritual Warriors! Welcome to another issue of The Source – an opportunity for us to take some timeless wisdom & weave it into the fabric of our life. This week, we’re exploring coincidence, which is often defined as a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances that doesn’t have an apparent causal connection. In his … Continue reading It’s a Coincidence!

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Healing the Pain Weekend Meditation

“If we are going to achieve our purpose in life, we must be willing to fall out of grace and accept its lessons. When we feel righteous about ourselves, or deny our brokenness, we are fighting against the higher states of grace that await us.” –Sobonfu Somé Our natural reaction to pain is to shirk … Continue reading Healing the Pain Weekend Meditation

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Coping with & Transcending Pain

Hello Spiritual Warriors!! And welcome to this week’s edition of The Source. Living with, coping with, dealing with & transcending pain is a powerful process of healing. When we get to the other side, we are stronger, braver, clearer, and transformed. As the African spiritual teacher & author Sobonfu Somé said, “If we are going to … Continue reading Coping with & Transcending Pain

By filling yourself with sweet space, trusting in your inner voice, and opening to the things most important to you…clarity will unfold – and the possibilities are endless. YOUR possibilities are endless.” -davidji