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“destressifying” Is Here! Choose Happiness!

Hello Spiritual Warrior! Welcome to another issue of The Source – where we transcend our constrictions & elevate our strengths. Today is the official release of my newest book: destressifying – The Real-World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind. I am deeply grateful for your support over the past year as … Continue reading “destressifying” Is Here! Choose Happiness!

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Dream into Destiny Weekend Meditation

“San Kalpa” is an intention, a positive affirmation. Plant an intention you’d like to see unfold. Invite it into your awareness. Welcome it, and open yourself to your destiny. Let’s make dreams come true. What does it mean to plant the seeds in fertile soil? It means inviting your intentions into the nourishing womb of creation … Continue reading Dream into Destiny Weekend Meditation

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How Awareness Can Conquer Our Stress

Greetings Spiritual Warrior!!! And welcome to another week of The Source. This week, we dive into awareness which is our fully present attention on a particular aspect of our existence. Our awareness can be on: our words, thoughts, or actions; those of someone else; or an aspect of our environment. Most often – in spite … Continue reading How Awareness Can Conquer Our Stress

Today I release what no longer serves me. –davidji