Welcome to Your 10-Day Path to Becoming the Calm Amidst the Chaos

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Welcome to my 10-Day  Accepting this Moment free meditation series.

We must remind ourselves that we have a choice in each moment, and that we can choose the best outcome or the most painful outcome. When we make the choice from a place of detachment—trusting that we are not alone and that the Universe is in control—then the highest choice wins!

This is a FREE meditation series, so I encourage you to share the link with all your friends and family and bookmark the URL. You may be asked to enter your email address more than once – this is because of your internet security settings and will need to be adjusted on your laptop or mobile device.

One of the most powerful tools in creating trust in your life is accepting that trusting what’s best for the Universe will ultimately be best for you. That’s the Sacred Power of Trust in a nutshell. When we are trusting, we can make choices from an abundance mentality rather than a poverty consciousness. Desperation drifts away, and we can direct our thoughts to the land of infinite possibilities instead of to the place of limiting beliefs. This expanded mind-set helps us make more consciously aligned choices, creating a higher probability that our dreams and desires will come to fruition. And this is where the Sacred Power of Abundance takes over.

Journey with me!

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