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City: Austin, Texas
Erin Fox
Name of Practice:
Light Rippler Wellness
Website: www.Lightrippler.com
Email: lightrippler@gmail.com
Phone: 512-695-3272
Bio: As an advanced davidji Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher, Erin Fox helps others to shine and ripple their inner light. Erin gives each client an individualized wellness session based on their needs and goals.  By empowering clients with achievable tools to grow and/or heal, Erin’s intuitive-based approach to wellness provides health benefits with sustainable results. Private and group sessions available.
Specialties: Reiki Master, success coach, speaker, writer, and artist

City: Austin, Texas
Teacher: Angela Nix
Phone: 512-771-2814
Bio: I am a certified kids yoga instructor with Rainbow Kids yoga and Next Generation Yoga. I am also a Vinyasa Yoga instructor and Reiki Practitioner. I love working with women and children to help them find their personal power and strength.

City: Austin, TexasDSC_0012Final
Teacher: Randi Marks
Name of Practice: Randi Marks Wellness
Website/Phone: www.randimarks.com; 512-537-6313
Bio: Healing is a process that can profoundly impact all parts of your life. It is about making life-long changes, and waking up your mind, body and spirit. Whether you choose Ayurveda, an intuitive healing session, massage, or meditation, my gifts as a spiritual teacher and intuitive healer allow me to go beyond the physical body, connecting me to your soul, and creating deep transformation for your overall well-being. I truly look forward to being a part of your wellness journey.
Specialties: Ayurvedic Massage and Facials, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Intuitive Healing, Massage Therapy, Private Meditation Instruction and Group Classes, Holistic Nutrition Counseling and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consulting, Tibetan Sound Bowl Healing

City: Katy, TX (greater Houston area)
Teacher: Michael Barnett
Contact: higherheartcenter@gmail.com,  281-905-1502
Bio: Among many of life’s roles, I am a husband and a father, and a practitioner and teacher of meditation, Reiki, and crystal therapy. I have worked in the corporate world for the past two decades, and have worked to balance that with practicing and teaching, and family life. I have recently taken the leap out of the corporate world and into teaching full time. Having been through this, I have learned tools to help deal with every day stress of the various roles of life, and I am excited to share these tools with anyone who feels they could use help with this. As a davidji certified Deeper Still Advanced Meditation Teacher, I will meet you where you are, help you to be the calm in the storm, and assist you with growing a practice that will help you be grounded, and help you reconnect the stillness and silence within.
Specialties: Certified Masters of Wisdom Deeper Still Advanced Meditation Teacher with davidji. Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master Teacher – Professional Member of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer.

City: Tyler, TX
Teacher: Rachel Hudson
Bio: Rachel knew at that point that something had to change when she was told by her doctor at one point that she was just “hard-wired for anxiety”. She started her meditation journey in 1994 but it wasn’t until 2017 when she became a certified Masters of Wisdom Meditation teacher and went from a crisis meditator to creating a daily meditation practice.
Rachel has taught meditation to large and small groups, therapists, school teachers, attorneys, and assisted living residents and staff. She loves teaching others how to stop, let go, communicate from the heart, and use the breath and mantra to connect to the present moment. Rachel is also a Yoga teacher and Reiki Master.