width=City: Austin, Texas
Erin Fox
Name of Practice:
Light Rippler Wellness
Website: www.Lightrippler.com
Email: lightrippler@gmail.com
Phone: 512-695-3272
Bio: As an advanced davidji Master of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher, Erin Fox helps others to shine and ripple their inner light. Erin gives each client an individualized wellness session based on their needs and goals.  By empowering clients with achievable tools to grow and/or heal, Erin’s intuitive-based approach to wellness provides health benefits with sustainable results. Private and group sessions available.
Specialties: Reiki Master, success coach, speaker, writer, and artist

 width=City: Austin, TX
Teacher: Donna Stina
Email: Lockedat104@yahoo.com
Phone: 512-585-4404 (call or text)
Bio: Donna Stina grew up in Upstate New York where her parents originally migrated from Calabria, Italy.  Post graduation from a private college, she began her professional career working in marketing for a large film manufacturer.  She later joined a telecommunications company and continued to evolve her skills in technology.  In 2006 Dell Technologies relocated Donna to Austin, TX to work in marketing and she now works as a Transformation Program Manager driving strategy and automation projects.   She holds a BA in Marketing Management and a Project Management Certification from the Project Management Institute.

Donna’s consistent passions have been health/wellness and dogs.  In Rochester Donna taught weight training and step aerobics classes.  She loves hiking in national parks, road trips, active vacations and experiencing nature.   Currently, she spends her time with Indigo, her 18 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback in training for his scent detection title.

In 2010 Donna was searching for more in her life and went to a Perfect Health program at the Deepak Chopra Center in San Diego.  Once she discovered Ayurveda, she was forever changed with the knowledge of her Dosha – Mind/Body/Spirit orientation in the world.  She continued to explore a deep understanding of herself, her path in life and place in the Universe.  After attending several more programs, she received her Perfect Health Teaching Certification (2013) and later pursued a Masters of Wisdom Meditation Teacher Certification with DavidJi, an internationally known author, stress management expert and Meditation Teacher.  Through Perfect Health, Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, she has worked to transform her life and strives to share these tools and techniques with others to promote healing and optimal health.

Donna’s ultimate aspiration is to raise her vibration and support communities striving to reduce suffering and live as their most brilliant, most creative expression of themselves.  She teaches group and private Meditation and Wellness classes locally.

City: Austin, Texas
Teacher: Angela Nix
Phone: 512-771-2814
Bio: I am a certified kids yoga instructor with Rainbow Kids yoga and Next Generation Yoga. I am also a Vinyasa Yoga instructor and Reiki Practitioner. I love working with women and children to help them find their personal power and strength.

 width=City: Austin, Texas
Teacher: Randi Marks
Name of Practice: Blonde Shaman
Facebook: blondeshaman
Instagram: @blondeshaman
Website: www.randimarks.com
Phone: 512-413-9865
Bio: I’m Randi, your Urban Healer, and I merge ancient healing into modern day living. I help you discover the way forward on your path using sage readings, destiny guidance, soul healing, energy healing, and shamanic practices. Whether you are going through a life transition, divorce, loss, grief, an identity crisis, fear, anxiety, or you are searching for more direction, peace, and harmony in your life—I offer you the experience to move past your stories and into spiritual alignment. Our time together brings you healing, connection, and new possibilities. I see clients in Austin and by phone.

Specialties: Energy & Intuitive Healing, Create Your Destiny Sessions, Soul Healing, Sage Readings, Soul Guidance, Public Speaking, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Working with Empaths, Find Your Voice Mentorships, Meditation Instruction, Spiritual Solutions Workshops and Energy & Intuitive Healing Programs at Wanderlust Austin.

 width=City: Katy, TX (greater Houston area)
Teacher: Michael Barnett
Contact: higherheartcenter@gmail.com,  281-905-1502
Bio: Among many of life’s roles, I am a husband and a father, and a practitioner and teacher of meditation, Reiki, and crystal therapy. I have worked in the corporate world for the past two decades, and have worked to balance that with practicing and teaching, and family life. I have recently taken the leap out of the corporate world and into teaching full time. Having been through this, I have learned tools to help deal with every day stress of the various roles of life, and I am excited to share these tools with anyone who feels they could use help with this. As a davidji certified Deeper Still Advanced Meditation Teacher, I will meet you where you are, help you to be the calm in the storm, and assist you with growing a practice that will help you be grounded, and help you reconnect the stillness and silence within.

Specialties: Certified Masters of Wisdom Deeper Still Advanced Meditation Teacher with davidji. Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master Teacher – Professional Member of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer.

 width= City: Tyler, TX
Teacher: Rachel Hudson
Website: www.rachelkhudson.com
Email: rachel@rachelkhudson.com
Instagram: @rachelkhudson
Bio: Rachel knew at that point that something had to change when she was told by her doctor at one point that she was just “hard-wired for anxiety”. She started her meditation journey in 1994 but it wasn’t until 2017 when she became a certified Masters of Wisdom Meditation teacher and went from a crisis meditator to creating a daily meditation practice.
Rachel has taught meditation to large and small groups, therapists, school teachers, attorneys, and assisted living residents and staff. She loves teaching others how to stop, let go, communicate from the heart, and use the breath and mantra to connect to the present moment. Rachel is also a Yoga teacher and Reiki Master.

 width=City: San Antonio, Texas & online wherever you are in the world
Teacher: Ana Aquï
Website: www.anaaqui.com

Facebook: Bájale al Estrés
Bio: It is my honor, professional purpose and personal satisfaction to help you to transit those transformational/ transitional moments in your life whether dealing or healing from  last or present issues,  achieving your life goals, or learning to manage  life stress. In order to achieve that,  in my sessions, I use a unique personalized blend of my specialties listed below.

¡Las enseñanzas de Davidji y mucho más en Español donde quiera que estés en el mundo! 

Es mi vocación y placer, acompañarte y guiarte en tus procesos personales utilizando una combinación única y personalizada de las herramientas y técnicas terapéuticas en las que me he especializado a lo largo de muchos años y que me funcionaron a mi, para lograr en el menor tiempo posible, ya sea sanar o superar circunstancias difíciles del pasado o presente, lograr tus metas y objetivos o aprender a manejar el estrés, en un ambiente amoroso y respetuoso para que logres la transformación que tu vida necesita en este momento.

Specialties: Stress Management, Gestalt therapy, Family Systems,  Family Constellations, Inherited  Family Trauma , NLP, EFT Tapping,Thanatology  Transformational Life Coaching for Happiness, Success &  Enneagram, Master of Wisdom and Meditation and Deeper Still Advanced Meditation Teacher. Spanish & English. Online & in person sessions, Private & Group sessions. Workshops & Seminars. 

Áreas de especialización y Certificaciones: Manejo de Estrés, Psicoterapia Gestalt, Sistemas Familiares, Constelaciones Sistémicas, Trauma Generacional Familiar, Programación Neurolinguistica,  Tanatologia, Técnicas de Liberación Emocional, Coach de Vida y Maestra Avanzada de Meditación y Sabiduría.
Imparto class y talleres presenciales y en línea donde quiera que te encuentres, también sesiones privadas en línea y en persona en San Antonio, Texas.

 width=City:  Wichita Falls, TX
Teacher:  Stephanie Lundgreen-Nielsen
Name of Practice:  Stephanie Lundgreen – Stress Management Consulting, Hypnosis, Meditation
Website:  www.StephanieLundgreen.com
Bio: As a result of my training, education and also my personal experience, I have come to understand that our greatest power is our self-awareness. Unfortunately, more often than not, we are not taught to develop this skill as we grow up so, instead of living a life grounded in inner calm, acceptance (of ourselves and others), inner strength, patience and empowerment, we become something similar to a leaf blowing in the wind, falling victim to every storm that passes us by. This can have significant, adverse effects on our personal wellbeing, our work life, our relationships, etc. I use varying combinations of the modalities of stress management, hypnosis, meditation and life coaching to help my clients, either individually or in a group setting, to develop their self-awareness and empower themselves to lead more fulfilling and successful lives. I can work with you either in person or online.
Specialties:  Workshops/classes for larger groups; individual sessions both in person and online
Contact info: +940-447-4110; stephanie.lundgreen@gmail.com

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