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Heal, a Documentary – Mic Drop! You gotta watch it!

Jim McDonell
davidji Certified Teacher

We watched the documentary “Heal” and it was super interesting! It resonated with me and Monique because it really aligns with the philosophy of Ayurveda and the power of daily meditation.

We really like that it gave a balanced perspective on healing modalities people have used for ages.

I believe disease in our body is directly related to the way we think and live. If you’re on the fence about this notion, watch “Heal” and you may be convinced!

“We are living in an epidemic of fear and stress. I wanted not only to shine a light on our bodies’ brilliant capacity for healing, but also provide the scientific evidence proving our beliefs, thoughts, emotions have a direct and profound influence on our genetic expression. I want to include inspiring real-life stories to show us what is truly possible when it comes to healing, even when we are told there is no hope.” ~ Kelly Noonan Gores, director of the documentary “Heal”

If you’re thinking about watching “Heal,” you’re one of the curious, one of the people who think that maybe, just maybe there’s another way.

And after watching the movie you’ll be more inclined to find a healing center and dip your toe into the possibilities! We’d love to hear your opinion about the film, so comment below.

Monique is a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and the founder of Essential Ayurveda, a wellness practice in northwest Chicago.

Jim teaches Meditation and is certified through the davidji Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training program. Jim is the Business Manager for Essential Ayurveda.

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