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You Are Extraordinary: 5 Ways To Be A Powerful Manifestor

randi marks manifest davidjiRandi Marks
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Within all of us is the power to manifest all that we need and desire, and imagination is a key component to manifestation. You must put into your imagination and fixate upon what it is you desire and allow it to expand so much that it pushes out any other thoughts. Manifestation is not about attracting what you want, but an awareness that you attract what you are. If you do not truly feel worthy or carry the belief that you can have what you want in your life, things will not manifest for you.

Why do you struggle with reaching this ultimate state of manifesting? The answer is because you feel you are ordinary, and you do not recognize your own divinity. Once you begin to see yourself as extraordinary and divine, this is when you will begin to attract more of what you desire.

You are worthy of receiving, and things come to those who understand this principle. Look around at your life. You have manifested so much already, and at some point you must have felt worthy enough to attract it all. If there is something that you have been desiring, but are not seeing it show up, look within, and inquire about your feelings of unworthiness around it. Do you feel undeserving, not ready, or scared? If you peel back the layers enough you will be shown the walls that have been built up in your heart.

Begin to work on removing the blocks that are pinching you off from attracting more. Sometimes all we can do is plant the seed, and trust that right timing will take care of everything. You must first plant the seed of intention and desire, then water it worthiness, and lastly, step back and allow it to manifest in its own time. If you water your seed with low self-esteem and fear it will shrivel up and die, and will never have a chance of becoming anything.

5 Ways To Be A Powerful Manifestor

As you move through your days and weeks ahead, here are some ways you can strengthen your manifesting abilities–making it an easier and more fun process:

  1. Remember that what you desire desires you. The things you want to show up in your life are very aware that you are asking for them. Once you begin removing limitations you have made up in your thoughts you will begin attracting more.
  2. Know that you are not separate from creation. Begin seeing yourself as someone who is connected to everything around you. This includes people, animals, nature, food–everything. When you live in this oneness and recognize that your existence is a miracle, there is no room for low self-worth to exist.
  3. Learn to detach from the outcome. Trust that what you desire will arrive when it is ready. Don’t rush or force it. Our expectations get in the way of our manifestations. Relax and be at peace that things will work out for you. Sometimes we ask for money, but what we are really wanting is security. So be clear on your intentions of what you want and name it. The clearer you are, the more genuine is your desire, and then you can trust more easily that things will manifest.
  4. Cultivate a daily gratitude practice. The more grateful you are for what you have, the more things will show up for you. You are receiving every day, you just may not notice. Start paying attention to even the smallest gifts that show up in your life, and say thank you for them.
  5. What you think about expands. If you want more love, think loving thoughts and you will receive love in return. If you want more money, think of ways you can share or donate some of your resources and watch it come back to you doubled. If you want to be forgiven, you must find a way to initiate forgiveness towards the situation, and put your thoughts on healing and resolution.

Whatever you want your life to look like you have to initiate the energy to create it. Do not sit back and think life will just happen for you. You must be willing to participate with the energies of the universe.

Now that you have some helpful tips to help you manifest…Begin putting these ideas into practice, do the internal healing work, and begin planting those seeds of desire!


Randi MarksRandi Marks, Owner of Randi Marks Wellness in Austin, Texas, has been a Soul Healer and Spiritual Teacher for almost 20 years. She has studied under some of the most renowned teachers in the healing, meditation, and metaphysical realms. Randi believes you have the power to make your life anything you put your mind to. She is available for private sessions, public speaking, and currently offers healing+meditation classes in the Austin area. For anyone not in the Austin area, phone sessions can be booked as well. Visit to learn more, connect with Randi on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for weekly inspirational videos!


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  1. Hi,

    I appreciate what you do so much! I had been in a dark place for some time. Now I’m working my way out of the rut. In part, thanks to you and the emails you create I see in my inbox, always in the back of my mind. Making their way to the front. You are a great teacher and I am humbled and most greatful for your presence and life’s work. The manifestor article is exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time.


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