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Empowering Our Choices

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“What you do today is important because you’re exchanging a day of your life for it.” -Unknown

By Randi Marks
davidji Certified Teacher

Every day we are faced with choices. Some may be as easy as what to eat for breakfast, or more complex, like deciding to end your marriage. We are making choices in every moment, all day long, with our minds constantly weighing in on a yes or no.

When it comes to making the harder choices in life, we tend to deliberate for a while, weighing our options.

We may go back and forth out of insecurity that our answer is not the right one. There is often fear involved of hurting loved ones, destroying relationships, and letting people down, including ourselves.

But what if we could begin making choices from a different perspective, and that no matter what unfolds, we can stand in our truth?

I recently made some tough business decisions regarding my personal boundaries. I knew what I needed to do, but sat with my choices for many months for fear of the outcome. Once I was able to overcome my fears and follow my heart, I never looked back. The longer we sit in limbo and don’t commit, we become more paralyzed as each day passes.

We can step forward and embrace change, or stay where we are and stunt our growth. The choice is ours.

We are here on this earth for such a brief time. Why not live the way you really want to, and not how others dictate you should. If others do not like your choices, then it is their own disappointment that you no longer fit into their paradigm of how things should be.

No matter what you decide in life there will always be someone who is disappointed with you, and you must recognize that it is not your issue, but theirs. Do not allow others to dictate how your soul progresses through this lifetime. It is not their journey–it is yours.

As we get closer to the end of the year, consider the choices that you have you been sitting on that you want to release. What decisions do you need to make to expand who you are as a spiritual being? What can you do to stand in your power, and not allow what others think to dictate your future?

Every day lived not making the choices that serve your soul and your purpose is a day wasted. Live your life boldly, authentically, and with integrity, and know that in every choice we affect our souls, our future, and our growth.

Randi MarksRandi Marks owns Randi Marks Wellness in Austin, Texas. Whether you prefer Ayurveda, an intuitive healing session, massage, or meditation, her gifts as a spiritual teacher and intuitive healer allow her to go beyond the physical body, connecting her to your soul, and creating deep transformation for your overall well-being. Contact Randi at or through her social media sites: FacebookInstagramSoundcloudTwitterYouTube.

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