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Believe in Yourself! There Is Nothing Wrong With You

randi marksRandi Marks
davidji Certified Teacher

Recently I experienced something that hit a nerve so deep inside of me that I had to write about it — The notion that we have a list of things wrong with us.

I went for a massage to a new studio since my normal therapist had been sick. At the end of the session I met her in the lobby, and she proceeded to tell me that it is protocol that they list everything they find wrong with you, and then recommend how often you come back to fix what is broken.

As a massage therapist myself, this made me pause. Looking over her “I will fix you” list, I realized that she spent the entire session looking for what she found wrong in me, rather than being with my energy and giving me the gift of healing. I walked in feeling good, and left feeling awful.

I share this story with you because this experience goes well beyond the walls of a massage room. As a society, I witness how often we find fault in others, or we speak badly of someone to make ourselves feel better. Perhaps we feel a sense of pleasure in someone else’s suffering as long as it is not ours. We are so quick to judge, manipulate, and focus on the negative—that from my perspective it has become an epidemic.

What if we lived in a world where we told each other what was good in the other person and focused on that? What if we could say to one another, “You are not broken,” over and over again that they actually begin to believe that about themselves?

It is time to realize that there is nothing wrong with us, and to stop pointing out everyone’s faults. We all already know that we have them, so why emphasize them? Why not stress what is working and what is good in each of us?

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As a transformational healer, I work with people’s energy and souls every day. The mere fact that people show up in my space tells me that they are courageous, aware, and willing to look at themselves and heal what no longer serves them. They do not need me to write out a “I will fix you” list — they already know what needs to be done. I am there to help facilitate the healing process, and to support them in any way I can.

If you are reading this it means that you are in a human body. And if you are in a human body, that means that you are here to heal something. If you have healed every part of your life, you would not be here, and you would no longer need to be in the physical form to heal.

So be kind to your fellow human, and know that if you are standing flesh to flesh, that you both have things to work on. It is not something that needs to be pointed out, or looked down upon. It is just a fact. Instead, let us support one another with love, kindness, compassion, flattery, and compliments, and perhaps your kind gestures will speed up the healing for another person and as a result…for you as well. What we give out, comes back multiplied.

Randi Marks is a Transformational Healer, Intuitive, and Spiritual Teacher, with 20 years of experience. She has studied under some of the most renowned teachers in the healing, meditation, and metaphysical realms. She offers meditation classes, workshops, wellness retreats, as well as bodywork, energy healing, and Ayurvedic services in the Austin area. Find her at and on Twitter @randimarkswellness.

“I believe that there are no accidents, and by finding me, it is a sign that we have been brought together by the unseen energies of the universe. We are each on our own spiritual path, and I am grateful that ours have merged in this moment. Trust that you are being led to something greater and higher in your life, and that I have been put here to help you find your way. My intuitive gifts allow me to unite your consciousness with that of Heaven – resulting in peace and balance through your body, mind, and spirit.” –Randi Marks



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