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3 Ways to Live in Harmony

Randi Marks
davidji Certified Meditation Teacher 
Founder & CEO of the Blonde Shaman


In Shamanic tradition the word Ayni is used to describe finding right relationship within ourselves and with the natural world. When our lives feel chaotic, it is an indicator that we are out of Ayni within our own energy, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. The goal is to make our way back to a harmonious state or Ayni. Our lives reflect back to us what is happening on the inside. If we do not like our current circumstances, transforming ourselves is where we begin—Then what appears on the outside magically transforms as well.

Animism states that we are part of nature and that there is no separation. Everything we think, say, or do affects the collective consciousness of every living being on this planet. it is our duty to check in with ourselves throughout the day and recognize where more alignment, forgiveness, letting go or less reaction is needed. We can change the trajectory of our lives in any moment that we become aware of disharmony and choose harmony.

Living in harmony is a daily practice for me. The more I practice noticing my mood, my breath, and my physical state, it becomes a clear reflection back to me the thoughts, positive or negative, that have been streaming through my mind.

Here are three ways you can begin practicing living in harmony on a daily basis, and pay attention to how your life shifts when you shift within:

Practice Daily Reflection

In my opinion, daily reflection is the most important thing you can do to set the trajectory for your day. Mornings are a great time to pause, breathe, and acknowledge your current state of being, even if it’s for two minutes. Pay attention to how you are feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You receive great information to continue on the path you are going or to shift gears. I like to take many pauses throughout my day to be aware of what is energetically draining or supporting me. If you are a writer, journaling is also a great way to reflect! I love looking back at old entries to see how far I’ve come.

Pay Attention to Limiting Beliefs

As humans, we carry a million limiting beliefs about ourselves. Most don’t realize that our lives are constantly arranging themselves to reflect back to us what we believe. What we think about becomes our reality. The minute you become interested in looking at your limiting beliefs a whole world opens up for you. By naming and owning them, you can then face them, allowing it’s grip to loosen its hold on your life. Every trigger, upset, or disappointment we experience we can track back to a belief we hold about ourselves. The exciting part is once we know what our limiting beliefs are we can create a new belief that does serve us. So the next time you are suffering explore and identify your beliefs to move back into Ayni.

Practice Gratitude

We hear about gratitude a lot and there is a reason for it—It really works! When we can take inventory of how much we have, how full our lives really are, that we are healthy, that we got to live another day, etc. it brings us immediately into alignment with life. It is our natural tendency as humans to go to the negative and live there, so a gratitude practice is super important if we want to live a harmonious life. Before I drift off to sleep each night, I offer to the planet, to God, to my Teachers, to those I love, etc. how grateful I am for their presence in my life. And when I say it I really mean it and I really feel it. The more you practice gratitude, the more things show up to make you grateful.

Randi Marks is based out of Austin, Texas. She is a certified davidji Meditation Teacher and does work as a modern day shaman. You can learn more about Randi & her special services on her website

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  1. Thank you so much for everything you do <3 I am grateful to have landed on your book Sacred Powers, I take it everywhere with me and learn more and more everyday

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