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17 Ways to Use Meditation for Anxiety Relief Right Now is pleased to share with you Ram Dass’ “17 Ways to Use Meditation for Anxiety Relief Right Now.” Click here to read it.

Ram Dass is the author of Be Here Now, which stands as the highly readable centerpiece of Western articulation of Eastern philosophy, and how to live joyously a hundred per cent of the time in the present, luminous or mundane. Be Here Now continues to be the instruction manual of choice for generations of spiritual seekers. Forty years later, it’s still part of the timeless present. Being here now is still being here now.

Other books include The Only Dance There Is (Anchor/ Doubleday); Grist For The Mill (with Stephen Levine, Celestial Arts); Miracle of Love: Stories of Neem Karoli Baba (Hanuman Foundation); How Can I Help? (with Paul Gorman, Knopf); Compassion in Action: Setting Out on the Path of Service (with Mirabai Bush, Bell Tower Press), Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing and Dying (Riverhead Books); One-Liners: A Mini-Manual for a Spiritual Life (Bell Tower Press); Paths to God: Living the Bhagavad Gita (Harmony Books).

Many of Ram Dass’ books are required reading in davidji’s Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher Training. You can learn more about teacher training here.

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