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Sneak Peak into My Upcoming Book, “Sacred Powers”

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!! I’m sooooo excited to announce my new book Sacred Powers: The Five Secrets to Awakening Transformation will be released Dec. 12. If you’re reading these words, you’ve already begun your journey on the spiritual path, or perhaps you’re finding yourself at the crossroads of some potentially defining moment in your life. … Continue reading Sneak Peak into My Upcoming Book, “Sacred Powers”

Maintaining Focus & Clarity Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: Todd Huffman via Compfight cc Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior! I’m in the middle of an epic adventure jet setting from San Diego to Texas to Amsterdam to Dublin to Cork to Utrecht. Follow me on Instagram to see the world from my eyes! Follow me on Instagram @davidjimeditation #wanderwithdavidji I’ll be speaking in … Continue reading Maintaining Focus & Clarity Weekend Meditation

Soul Light Weekend Meditation

Happy weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!! This weekend I’m hanging out will 1500 of my closest Wanderlust friends in Squaw Valley, California. We’re awakening our sacred powers and stepping into our power to transform the world by transforming ourselves!!! Follow my Wanderlust adventure on my Facebook page @flowoflove. In the meantime, enjoy this weekend’s free meditation, and … Continue reading Soul Light Weekend Meditation

Sacred Power of Intention Weekend Meditation

Mantra: San kalpa ritam The Sacred Power of Intention and Attention is a powerful tool for manifesting our dreams and making solution-oriented, conscious choices. Wherever you shine your light of attention, that thing will be become more prominent in your life. And that’s why intention is the partner of attention. If our intention are to raise our … Continue reading Sacred Power of Intention Weekend Meditation