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ruminations and reflections

Overcoming Rumination: Take a 16 Second Time-in

Welcome, Spiritual Warriors to this week’s edition of The Source on rumination versus reflection. Rumination is a compulsion to repetitively think about the causes, decisions and potential consequences of an experience that’s creating anxiety, pain, or distress in our life. While self-reflection is healthy, and helps us make more conscious choices in the future, such … Continue reading Overcoming Rumination: Take a 16 Second Time-in

reflection guided meditation

Reflection Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: ravas51 via Compfight cc Mantra: Moksha This week, I’ve been in Chicago working with the Blue Courage team for three days of BCAT (Blue Courage Awareness Training! I have so much gratitude for the thousands of magnificent cops who’ve re-connected to their dharma of service, nobility, honor, & guardianship!!! Spending the week with men & women in … Continue reading Reflection Weekend Meditation