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‘What Inspires You?’ Weekend Meditation

Happy Weekend, Spiritual Warrior!!! Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut… stagnant… not unhappy, but not happy. Our weekend meditation focuses on what inspires us…. on the center of our passion: our manipura chakra and our anahata chakra. Each has it’s own special vibration: Manipura vibration is ram Anahata vibration is yum or yam What … Continue reading ‘What Inspires You?’ Weekend Meditation

healing vibrations guided meditation

Healing Vibrations Weekend Meditation

Photo Credit: Old Mister Crow via Compfight cc Mantra: Yaam haam om This week’s healing vibrations meditation will help us lighten our heart and awaken our voices. All compassion starts with self-compassion. If we are not rooting for ourselves in every moment, how can we root for others? If you can’t empathize with your own plight, then you are not … Continue reading Healing Vibrations Weekend Meditation

manipura chakra, third chakra, manifesting your deepest desires

Manifest All You Desire Weekend Meditation

Our inner fire is the source of our energy, our sense of inner power, our creativity. According to Ayurveda, our third chakra, also called the manipura, is located near your belly button. It is a source of personal power and governs self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation. An open, healthy third chakra means you’re self-confident, … Continue reading Manifest All You Desire Weekend Meditation