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Did You Know that Mind + Body + Spirit = 1?

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Source! In Vedanta, the ancient Indian philosophy of self-realization, there is a school of thought known as Advaita (pronounced add-veye-ta), a Sanskrit term for “non-duality.” According to Advaita, one-ness is the only reality. Everything else is an illusion, known in Sanskrit as maya. An important part of this … Continue reading Did You Know that Mind + Body + Spirit = 1?

Oneness Vibration – Weekend Meditation

Mantra: Satya ritam One-ness: There is no past or future, there is only this moment. Surender yourself to this perfect, precious, present moment. The concept of nondualism, or one-ness, says that  there is no separation between our body and our soul, and there is only one-ness. The separation we create is an illusion. Every time … Continue reading Oneness Vibration – Weekend Meditation

Divine Presence: The Universe Is Inside You

Hello Spiritual Warriors, and welcome to the newest edition of The Source!!! This week we’ve been exploring divine presence – the universe flowing through every breath you take, every thought that unfolds and every cell in your body. Divine presence can take three basic forms in our life: Presence in our own essence, Presence in all … Continue reading Divine Presence: The Universe Is Inside You