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South Australia

City: Adelaide, South Australia
Teacher: Suzanne Thompson
Name of Practice: Soul Archaeology
Phone: +61 (0)411 150 353
Bio: Values and Ideals: Love, Universal Access, Coexist, Assist & Community! Suzanne is grateful for hearing and sitting with the following words spoken by the Dalai Lama since 2012: “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.’
In March 2017, the 15 year marriage that Suzanne was holding so tightly onto, was so toxic that the family’s health, wellbeing and safety was at risk.  In an instant, Suzanne was a solo parent of two (2) children under the age four years old (4), jobless, homeless and chronically stressed.  Suzanne began the journey of transforming from a “crisis” meditator of fifteen (15) years to cultivating a daily meditation practice, with the assistance of many teachers, accessible on the ‘Hay House Meditation Podcast’.
Continually immersing herself in: a meditation/yoga practice; a forever growing list of ancient and contemporary texts/books; solo-parenting two beautiful children under seven (7); and growing Soul Archaeology as an entrepreneur, has enabled Suzanne to widen her sieve and witness both on and off the mat, that everybody, no matter your age, has three (3) essential needs, to be: loved, valued and listened to!  When these needs are not being met personally, professionally or privately, you are stressed!
As a translator of the wisdom of meditation and yoga into here and now practical applications, Suzanne’s purpose is to assist anybody with: a wholistic discovery of the tools you need for your ‘BEing-toolbox’ so you have the ability to push yourself though things that have stopped you in the past and move from where you are to where you would like to be: professionally, privately, personally, emotionally and physically; and giving yourself the most powerful and self-loving gift of a ‘Time In’ – connecting to the present moment and experiencing it!
Suzanne is grateful for all teachers past and present that have opened the door to her present journey of, living in a beautiful state every day, no matter what!
Specialties: Certified Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher – davidji Meditation Academy, Yoga Teacher (in training) – Shantarasa Yoga Darshana 500 Hour Certification, Usui Reiki Master Teacher – Celestial Energies & Feast on Life, Certificate IV – Training and Assessment – TAFENSW, Bachelor of Arts: Archaeology, Palaeontology, Anthropology – Flinders University of South Australia

City: Port Noarlunga South, South Australia
Teacher: Penny Lello
Name of Practice: Radiant Consulting
Instagram: @sacredthreadmeditation
Phone: +61 477 014 115
Bio: I am a certified Advanced Meditation Teacher.   My journey to teaching meditation has been a series of crossroads 危機 creating my path.  In 2008 I was diagnosed with Melanoma at the height of my career at General Electric, during the weeks that I was selected as one of GE’s highest performers in Australasia.  Within a year of diagnosis I would leave my career and my life as it was.  In 2009 I learnt how to meditate.
As each year has  passed the focus of my work has shifted.  From delivering technology platforms that would launch multi-billion dollar products, to today where I use my skills embedding transformation and cultural change.  For some time I would feel a twitch as I watched my former colleagues careers elevate in the traditional world of titles and social norms of success.  I felt that twitch again and again as taking unconventional steps takes deep courage.
Coming from the heart has melted away the stress and the life I led that took me to the thin sheath between life and death.  For all of us we have no time to lose and magnificence to shine.  As I write this I smile.  I am truly grateful each morning that my eyes open, I see the ocean and abundance that caresses each wave.
In late 2013 I began my meditation training with davidji.  Crossroads would also strike in 2014 as I was pregnant as I completed the first stage of my training.  The skills of meditation would shape my pregnancy, labour, my son’s birth and parenthood journey.  I home birthed my son who was born in less than 3 hours with mantra based meditation.  I was born as a Mother, a Meditation Teacher and a Board Director with a fearless heart.   My vision is to see every parent take the profound transformation opportunity they are gifted with.
• Meditation for pregnancy and birth
• Meditation for conscious parenting
• Team and corporate mindful performance coaching
• Simple breath-work ‘how-to’ techniques for developing your meditation practice
I provide deep immersive meditation training and coaching globally for parents who are planning for and during pregnancy, or are already on the parenthood journey.
Utilising davidji’s Sacred Powers I share techniques and conscious parenting coaching to deeply fuse into your life as care-giver.  It is my service to give your personal mantra to guide your deep personal transformation and create a new path of love for your family.
I drive authentic cultural resets, change and mindful performance programs in teams.  I am an experienced director holding a GAICD from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  I have worked across London, Stockholm, Australia and New Zealand.  I have delivered meditation workshops in convention centres, festivals, with sporting teams, organisations and one-on-one with Executive leaders.
I bring my authentic heart into Boardrooms and Committees across Australia specialising in health, women, antenatal care, babies and end of life.  My appointments include the Federal Department of Health (Committees for Midwifery Services and Nurse Practitioners), Australian Medical Council, Royal Adelaide Hospital (Clinical Governance Committee), Women’s and Children’s Hospital Network, SAMHRI (Women and Babies Board and the Registry of Older South Australians Executive Committee).
I am member of the Meditation Association of Australia.  I have trained globally with davidji, Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle.