width=City:  Prague, Czech Republic
Teacher:  Katerina Kryllova
Name of Practice: Daily Courage
Website: www.daily-courage.com
Contact: +42 723560183,; my local company is www.agentura-signum.cz
Bio: I am a professional life and business coach and a passionate believer in human potential. I’ve spent the last 14 years teaching people in corporate live training all across Europe, served more than 7500 people through personal encounter. Since the last October I’ve also been teaching on-line in webinars and one-on-one coaching through The Daily Courage Project worldwide.  
Specialties: My passion is to help people see their full power and the freedom of choice, and give them very practical tools that will guide them through the “how” to do it. I want to share the best from what I´ve learned so far through Daily Courage, because I believe we can all live a more balanced, joyful and meaningful life J. My specialty is in following topics: Assertiveness and Healthy Boundaries, Open Communication, Mindfulness and Balanced life, Time Management, Authentic Leadership, Effective Teamwork, Powerful Presentation, Coaching, Training.

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