width=City: Fenton, Michigan
Teacher: Dawn Grimes Kulongowski
Website: www.peacefulpractice.com
Email: dawngk@peacefulpractice.com
Phone: 248-733-4084
Bio: I am a practicing dentist, business owner, a wife and a mother – to name a few of life’s roles.  I have an intimate knowledge of the stresses of life but more importantly, with how to be the calm in that storm.  I’m excited to share these tools with anyone willing to learn. As a davidji certified Master of Wisdom and Meditation teacher,  I will meet you where you are and help you grow into a practice that will ground you and reacquaint you with your most pure and best self.
Certifications: davidji Master of Wisdom Teacher Training, Deeper Still Advanced Teacher Training

 Jackson, Michigan
Teacher: Constance Smith (Connie)
Email: Constance2000@aol.com
Phone: 517-740-0603 
Bio: Your meditation journey is unique and personal. Whether you are a beginner or would like to deepen your practice, my role is to support you where you are, share tools and techniques, and gently guide you to your wholeness and inner balance. I’m a big believer in the benefits of meditation. When my husband was facing challenging health issues, meditation helped us both to discover a nurturing way of being and find the calm within. I have been meditating regularly for ten years and currently teach mediation groups in my community. I am also a practicing dentist and business owner and can offer tools and exercises for “transforming the workplace”, including mindful team building, creating a positive work culture, and learning to lead with heart and succeed.
Certifications: davidji Master of Wisdom Teacher Training, Deeper Still Advanced Teacher Training, Metaphysical minister

 width=City: Royal Oak, Michigan
Teacher: Lori Schuck Barresi
Name of Practice: Love Your Life Coaching & Meditation
Website: loveyourlifewithlori.com
Email: lori.lylc@gmail.com
Phone: 248-891-2571
Bio: After 22 years of searching for solutions through various substances,  I created only more pain and suffering. Finding meditation changed that. I have now spent the last 27 years on this spiritual journey, discovering peace, love and joy everywhere. Meditation first allowed me to be in the present moment: quieting the “committee” in my head. Little by little,  the fears left, the need to escape life vanished. Gratitude replaced resentment.  Through my practice, I have healed the past and embrace each day.
Certifications: I am a Certified Masters of Wisdom, Deeper Still, Meditation teacher and Certified Life / Business Coach. I work with individuals, groups and corporations through coaching, teaching, retreats and workshops.


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