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Cultivate a Better You

Connection…It’s What We’re All Searching For

If you are currently feeling disconnected in your life, here are some tips to use as a daily check-in with yourself and your emotional state of being.

17 Ways to Use Meditation for Anxiety Relief Right Now is pleased to share with you Ram Dass’ “17 Ways to Use Meditation for Anxiety Relief Right Now.” Click here to read it. Ram Dass is the author of Be Here Now, which stands as the highly readable centerpiece of Western articulation of Eastern philosophy, and how to live joyously a hundred per cent of … Continue reading 17 Ways to Use Meditation for Anxiety Relief Right Now

If You Want A Better Life…Do This

Consciousness and energy expansion are cultivated in the space between our breaths. This is where our intuition heightens, we receive messages, and find contentment and peace in all things.

Believe in Yourself! There Is Nothing Wrong With You

What if we lived in a world where we told each other what was good in the other person and focused on that?

Unplug to Plug In

What message are we sending to our children and anyone else who stands before us when we are glancing down at our phones and not being 100% present?

You Are Extraordinary: 5 Ways To Be A Powerful Manifestor

As you move through your days and weeks ahead, here are some ways you can strengthen your manifesting abilities–making it an easier and more fun process:

Open Your Heart and Ask for Help When You Need It

My teacher said, “If you don’t use the support of the block, where else in your life are you not asking for help?” The sting of her words pierced straight into my heart — she was right.

Am I Sitting the Right Way When I Meditate?

Does it matter how I sit, and do I need to sit cross-legged like a pretzel on the floor to meditate?

A Reminder to Listen Deeply and with Compassion

Turn into the discomfort, turn into the pain, turn into all that makes us want to run and deny.

Create an Inspired Life

There is something very special about going through an intense experience together, and then coming back to that very same spot to rekindle what was started a year ago. It is a bond that cannot be broken or explained.

Everything Changes, Even Your Dharma

Meditation helps so you are no longer frightened by what is beyond the horizon. You are enticed by it.

Meditation, Was My Game Changer

Meditation not only changes the way I handle conflict and navigating relationships. I have also noticed that I have less stress, anxiety, and my worry meter has gone way down!

Who’s in Your Tribe?

If you are struggling to find that tribe that fuels your dreams and fills your heart – please know that it’s in reach!

Empowering Our Choices

We can step forward and embrace change, or stay where we are and stunt our growth. The choice is ours.

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