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What do you see when you meditate

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There’s a technique used in Ashtanga yoga practice called drishti, which refers to the ability to soften your gaze and loosely focus on one spot while letting go of all the distractions around you. The result is similar to staring at a picture for so long that the lines begin to blur and objects lose their shape. Eventually, you’re no longer gazing at a recognizable image, allowing your mind to come into the moment and your focus to turn inward. At this point, you’ve moved into a true meditative state, which some describe as a spiritual experience.

The deeper you take your brain into this state of peace and inner focus, the more your mind may produce interesting images of its own. Some people report almost psychedelic hallucinations. Do you see colors when you’re meditating? Or is it more defined, like do you see shapes? There’s no limit to the different variations of images people will experience during meditation. And the exciting part is that as you continue to practice over time, the images and experiences change along the way.

The art of your mind

The human brain has enormous, untapped potential. What amazing pictures, thoughts and abilities are lurking in the shadows of your mind just waiting for the opportunity to come out? Using meditation to influence art is just one benefit people have discovered. Many artists have found that quieting their minds and removing external stimuli can lead to the creation of music or paintings that would not be possible without this practice.

Though it is true that some artists have been known to take drugs to enhance their creative ability, the art of your mind can be accessed in a much healthier and safe way by using meditation.

One man’s translation

Artist Simon Haiduk is an example of someone who creates pieces influenced by meditation experiences. As he attempts to achieve balance between himself and nature, he uses this practice to tap into his creative process. Haiduk has produced four musical albums and paints colorful, amazing artwork that is like a peek into his inner mind.

Take a look at some of Simon Haiduk’s beautiful and colorful artwork.

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