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Mindful meditation in real life

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Recent neurological studies have revealed that multi-tasking, sleep deprivation and stress lead to actual physical damage to the brain. Some of the results include memory problems, attention issues, and early dementia. Scientists claim that you are literally “burning out your brain” by living in this manner. Now more than ever is the time to learn meditation for mindfulness. By focusing on breath and quieting the mind, we allow it to rest and recharge from the everyday stress of life. Even if you only set aside a few minutes in the morning, the lasting effects of meditation will continue throughout the day.

In fact, Davidji suggests you start your morning with a ritual of Rise, Pee, Meditate. Then if you feel yourself becoming agitated or stressed later in the day, you can practice short periods of meditation for mindfulness to bring yourself back to a relaxed and peaceful state.

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Deciding to practice mindfulness meditation need not be complicated. There are no props or set of specific requirements. The first step is to find a quiet, tranquil environment where you can perform your ritual without interruption. Learning how to breathe during meditation is also quite simple. Slow down your breathing, become aware of each inhale and exhale, and clear thoughts from your head.

The more you incorporate mindfulness meditation into your daily way of life, the more benefits you’ll gain. You may find yourself having an easier time letting go of little annoyances, feel tension leave areas like the neck and hips where it tends to be stored, and experience an overall sense of well-being, though nothing external has changed.

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Continual improvement

It’s up to each one of us to make the decision to take control over our lives. Even though we know stress is bad, there are times when there’s simply no avoiding it. That’s when the lasting effects of mindfulness meditation can be critical. Starting your day with this practice will help you approach and react to things in a calmer manner, which ultimately lowers your stress level over time.

The best part is that getting better at meditation techniques along the way means the improvement in your quality of life will continue to grow. The benefits are unlimited. Ready to feel better, sleep more soundly and be the best version of yourself? Click on Davidji’s website today to try a free guided meditation session today.

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