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Meditation training helps police

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The job of a police officer is immeasurably important yet highly demanding. Police officers are frequently called on to make split second decisions in high stress situations. The task can be emotionally and physically taxing, decreasing an officer’s ability to perform his or her job accurately, and adversely affecting their quality of life outside of work. That is why globally renowned wellness expert and best-selling author davidji teamed up with retired police commander Michael Nila to bring his Blue Courage Awareness Training curriculum to law enforcement officers across the country.

Using tactical breathing and other exercises of mindfulness, the techniques that davidji teaches give those in high pressure situations the tools to think more clearly, resolve conflicts more effectively, and regulate their energy expenditure. The basis of the curriculum is that one can achieve all of these goals by learning to manage and channel stress.

Learning to defuse stress

Stress is at the root of a myriad of physical and mental ailments, from peptic ulcers and tension headaches to post traumatic stress disorder. It can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds, lowering our immune system and hindering our ability to make accurate assessments and well-thought-out responses. Nowhere is the latter more important than in the tension wrought situations, some of them life or death, that police officers face regularly. davidji’s training provides stress relief by teaching officers proven methods through which they can channel their thought processes and emotions, which reduces tension levels, allowing them to think and act with clear presence of mind. The practice provides other benefits as well.

Communicating more effectively

davidji’s proven destressifying techniques help users master their emotions and move beyond stressfulness, improving communication skills and the ability to resolve conflicts. Participants report a heightened job performance in addition to increased energy, better reaction time, and even more restful sleep. In fact, the program has been utilized by police precincts across the nation with excellent results. If you are a law enforcement member interested in improving the quality of life and increasing the safety of your fellow officers, check out the Blue Courage website to find out more about this revolutionary program.

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