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How often should I meditate?

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The answer to how often should you meditate depends on many factors such as your goals, lifestyle and proficiency at meditation itself. For example, if you are currently in a high-stress stage of life and feel tense nearly all the time, your goal may be to improve the quality of your everyday life. If you’re only taking the time to meditate once per week, then we recommend that you start meditating more often, not only for daily stress relief but to minimize the toll this type of lifestyle takes on your future health and well-being. davidji offers a daily meditation for free that should help immensely with the amount of stress and tension that you’re experiencing.

How about if you only meditate a couple times monthly, but consider your life to be very low stress and your health good? Well, certainly, if you feel that this frequency is enough for you, then you shouldn’t feel obligated to do more. But, here is something to consider: are you truly realizing all the potential benefits of meditation? Reducing stress or trying to get through a rough patch are not the only reasons to meditate. Practicing regular meditation can improve literally every aspect of your life. It has been linked to everything from healthier relationships to better quality of sleep to retaining brain health as you age.

It’s not just about frequency

Keep in mind, though, that how often you meditate is not the only indicator that you’re getting all potential benefits from your practice. Perhaps you’re a morning person and want to start your day our right, so you set aside time every morning before work. Good for you! But what if this has been your meditation routine for a while and you’re still relying on caffeine to stay awake and experiencing anxiety throughout the day? You may want to scan our website for ways to improve your meditation techniques. Even davidji, who is quite proficient at meditation, is open to new ideas.

No matter how long you’ve been doing it, there’s always something more to learn or gain from meditation. Think of yourself as a lifetime student that just keeps reaping more and more rewards from your studies. You may want to change up your routine by, say, meditating at night before bed or during your lunch break, or you may want to download free guided meditations from this site to see if one is more effective than what you’ve currently been using.

Learning to meditate longer

Ultimately, the answer to how often should you meditate is a very personal one. And the same goes for choosing between meditation styles. There are many different types of meditation, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. However, learning new techniques can provide added benefits.

We invite you to check out all the guided meditation sessions on our site and try out as many as you like.

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