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Going from mindless to mindful

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We’ve heard a lot of people say that they’d like to try meditation, but don’t have the time to learn how to do it. It’s true that there are hundreds of books written by the great masters of mindfulness, webinars, and classes available on this topic, but none of that is necessary to get started down the path of mindfulness.The goal is to allow your focus to turn inward away from outside interruptions and clear your mind. Davidji offers many guided meditations to help you do just that, but you’re encouraged to find the path that most suits your needs. We call it “no rules meditation,” because each person needs to find what works best for them.

Making meditation fun again!

Because we are a high achieving society, sometimes we can take positive habits and actually distort them into less beneficial pursuits. For example, the practice of yoga, which became popularized in the United States in the middle of the twentieth century, was about achieving a mind/body connection. Practitioners were taught to focus on their breath as they took their bodies through a series of poses and movements designed to result in a sense of physical and emotional enlightenment. Fast forward to the current time, and yoga studios are advertising classes entitled “Power Vinyasa” and “Speed Yoga.” People are more intent on getting a good work-out than finding inner peace.

The same thing can happen with meditation, where people may feel pressure to become accomplished in and follow a strict structure proposed by a teacher or mentor. In truth, meditation can be light and fun. Here at Davidji, we truly believe that everyone can benefit from meditation, but that doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously. Check out some of the hundreds of guided meditations on this site. Find one that appeals to you, and give it a try!

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