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The benefits of forgiveness meditation

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It’s unclear who originated the saying “holding onto anger is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die,” but the point is clear. When we cling to resentment, fury and blame, we allow damaging emotions to fill our minds. Spending time worrying about these transgressions can’t change the outcome. They’re in the past. It only causes us to relive the pain and hurt over and over. And it’s not just about forgiving others, we also need to learn to let ourselves off the hook as well. This is critical because until we practice self forgiveness, we’re unable to extend the same grace to others. So how do we make peace with the past?

World renowned stress-management and guided meditation expert, davidji, understands that letting go isn’t something that happens at the snap of the fingers. It’s a fluid process that is best achieved using forgiveness meditation. The first step toward being free of the pain of the past is to set your intentions on doing so. This means becoming aware of the hurts you’re holding onto, and deciding that you’re ready to let them go.

What are your meditation goals?

Before you begin your practice, it’s useful to achieve some clarity as to what your meditation goals are. Be honest with yourself. Are you committed to forgiving others? Or perhaps your goal is to use meditation to forgive yourself. Remind yourself that you’re only human, and all humans make mistakes. Just accepting this statement should give you peace of mind that you deserve forgiveness. Either way, the only path to moving on is to decide you’re ready to let go of the negativity and make a fresh start.

Starting the path to forgiveness

Congratulations! You’ve made a very positive step in your life by deciding to clear your mind of the pain of the past. davidji, like all of the best meditation teachers, will tell you that the first step is always the hardest, but you don’t have to go it alone.

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