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In Spain, they take a break in the middle of the day for a rest or siesta. Swedes are given 41 days paid days off of work per year. And women in Ireland receive 26 weeks of compensated leave after having a child. Things are just a bit more, shall we say, intense in the United States. We have an international reputation for being workaholics, hard drivers, and over-achievers. Which, while helping to create one of the world’s strongest economies, also results in a lot of over-worked, stressed out Americans.

Combine our famous work ethic with the advent of portable phones, computers, tablets and other ways to stay connected 100% of the time, and multitasking has become our national pastime. Unfortunately, our hectic lifestyle is taking a toll on both our physical and mental health. It’s well known that stress can contribute to serious health issues, and recent neurological research has revealed that multi-tasking not only compromises short term memory, but is likely causing permanent damage to brain function over time.

So how do we break this destructive pattern? Give your brain a time out by meditating. We know what you’re thinking. Meditation is a serious pursuit, which requires instruction, training and maybe even time in an Indian ashram. Not true! Davidji encourages you to make meditation fun again. This means discovering what relaxes you and enjoying yourself in the process. Your only goal is to find a place of peace and calm in a chaotic world, and spend a few minutes allowing your stress and worry to slip away. You will be amazed at the benefits you can achieve in your everyday life.

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