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In today’s fast-paced world, we can become disconnected from our feelings, our inner thoughts, with what is going on with our bodies. It’s easy to lose touch with what’s important in our lives. The result? We can begin to experience fatigue and physical pain and become increasingly lethargic. Illness can result from this disconnect and our mental health can be affected as well.

mexican riviera eventHealing from within begins with healing meditation practices. Using meditation to heal helps to effect positive changes in your mental state which can then have a positive impact on your physical state. Within all of us is the power to affect positive change in our lives — to heal both our bodies and our minds through the power of meditation. Meditation helps us to reconnect with our inner selves to improve the way we feel as well as the way we think.

Self-healing meditation master, davidji, can give you the tools and tips needed to help reconnect to your inner self through guided meditation. Recognized throughout the world as a stress-management expert and meditation teacher, davidji is a certified Vedic master who has helped countless numbers of individuals live a life free of stress, anxiety, worry, and fear — all contributing factors that can lead to poor health.

Using guided meditation from davidji

The steps to healing from within are simple. You need to make time in your daily schedule to meditate. Find a quiet space, free from distractions. Make a commitment to the process of self healing through meditation.

As your guided meditation coach, davidji will help you begin to get in touch with the healing power that comes from within. Often referred to as the “Velvet Voice of Stillness”, his soothing voice will help you to tap into your mind’s ability to heal your body.

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The path begins here

The path to heal from within begins when you make the decision to incorporate guided meditation into your everyday life. Visit davidji’s website and take the first step by joining the davidji Meditation Community to receive tools, tips, and techniques for guided meditation as well as free, weekly guided meditations.

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