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Journey to Infinity

Journey to Infinity

JourneyToInfinity-cover-March-20DThis powerful, musical collaboration between davidji and SacredFire is transforming tens of thousands around the world and now you can own it!

Journey to Infinity is a two-hour exploration of your body, mind, heart, and soul through the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda – the 5000-year-old healing system. Each track on Journey to Infinity carries the intention to infuse you with timeless elemental wisdom. This Spiritual Song-cycle will help you connect with your deeper Self through the healing power of musical awakening, ancient Sanskrit mantras, consciousness shifting binaural beats, musical Ayurvedic awakenings and deep, guided meditations. Some relax your body and calm your mind; some soothe your heart, some awaken your inner healer, and others will inspire you to get up and dance. There’s a track for every mood, feeling and situation you find yourself in – and an opportunity to bring greater wholeness into your life. The beautiful, creative expressions of the shamanic sound healers SacredFire combined with davidji’s vision and words makes this CD a core teaching, and a valuable tool in taking your life to the next level.

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Within minutes of listening to Journey to Infinity, you will be transported to a place of awakening, healing, transformation and expansion.

The Story Behind Journey to Infinity

Sometimes something magical happens when you step into the unknown. Two years ago I began working on a spiritual opera as I found myself going through a very personal exploration of growth and transformation. After a decade as the COO and Lead Educator of the Chopra Center and the dean of Deepak Chopra’s University, it was time to pursue the next phase of my dharma, leave the safety of the nest, and begin a new journey of awakening by stepping out into the unknown. My vision was clear but my path was uncharted. Yet, I wasn’t alone; I had so many courageous archetypes of exploration to lead the way in the form of Abraham and Sarah, Odysseus, Jesus, Moses, Lord Rama, Sir Galahad, and such loving friends and guides such as Deepak Chopra, David Simon, Vamadeva Shastri, don Miguel Ruiz, Jean Houston, Wayne Dyer and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I reached deep into my heart as I journeyed, but I stumbled many times as I began to navigate this magnificent path and encountered speed bumps, roadblocks, dark surprises and unexpected unfoldings. To fuel my spirit, I dove deep into the teachings that I had shared with hundreds of thousands of fellow seekers around the world – yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. With each day, I immersed more completely into the daily practices of these ancient wisdom traditions until they consumed every thought, word and action. My thoughts started filtering through an Ayurvedic lens, my lips began uttering Sanskrit words and phrases, and what began to flow from my deepest expression was a story of how we awaken our most divine self through the most universal aspects of our self.

The story unfolded as a journey through the classical 5 elements in Ayurveda – space, air, fire, water and earth. Collectively known in Sanskrit as the pancha mahabutas (the five great elements), these are the foundational building blocks of everything in life. We are all on a journey through these 5 master elements every day – in every moment, in every interaction, conversation … With every beat of our heart, the elements flow into us through the divine, and we flow them back out into the world in our most personal expression. Space is about infinite potential – it’s the womb of all creation – pregnant with possibilities and the birthing place within our lives for our next thought, word and action.

  • Air is about movement and flow – the divine circulation of the universe and the flow that exists within each one of us as we channel the divine and express god is through our daily contemplations and interactions.
  • Fire is about transformation, metabolism – the crystallization of life – whatever we are moving through, chewing on, or struggling with at any given time. Fire creates the clarity at the end of the tunnel.
  • Water is about cohesiveness and protection – the sweet vital nectar that remains after fire has burned away the illusions, disturbances and distractions of existence. The nourishment and coming together of each moment.
  • Earth is about structure, stability, and steadiness – the consistent and reliable characteristics of life. The ground we walk upon and the reliability we seek in each moment.

If spirituality is our journey from our most individual self to our most universal self, the five mahabutas provide the perfect platform to explore the magnificence of the universe and our own universality- seeing the personal aspect in each element and seeing how awakening their divine qualities within us is the doorway to expansion, abundance, love, healing, growth, and transformation. Ultimately, our path to one-ness.

For months, my sole expression was writing the story, which then became a libretto for an opera where the characters were the mahabutas. When someone asked me what I was working on, I didn’t have a name for it but I replied, “it’s a journey to infinity – it’s an exploration of the physical realm, the emotional realm, our ego, our soul, the energy that flows around us and through us, and our connection to spirit.”

Nine months later, the lyrics to the opera were finished and it seemed fitting to call it Journey to Infinity. But now I needed to marry the words to a musical score – something that would honor the 5000-year-old healing tradition of Ayurveda while taking my personal expression to a collective level. I had many musical ideas; but to express them at the highest level, I reached out to my dear friends – the talented Canadian duo of shamanic sound healers Dean Richards and MJ Vermette – known as SacredFire.

These two divine musicians approached Journey to Infinity with an ancient wisdom sensibility and a profound soul connection that sacredly translated my words and evolved them into something more magnificent than I had dreamed. Over the months, they brilliantly crafted the score and infused each track with deep heart, insight, context, and power with their skilled musicianship, primal vocals, and non-stop creativity. Every so often, I flew up to their studio in British Columbia to record with them and collaborate on the songs. We would start in the early morning and sing, chant, listen, meditate, drum, hike, party, and mix the tracks with pure adrenalin until the next morning.

Throughout each day, MJ’s ethereal, cathartic and deep soulful vocals combined with Dean’s brilliant guitar, drums and percussion took each track to the next level. Over the year, as they traveled the globe, they had recorded nature sounds from whales singing, bees buzzing, wind blowing and stars humming to the ambient vibrations of ancient European wells – these were seamlessly integrated into each elemental vibration. And to keep pushing the envelope of consciousness, we introduced binaural beats to entrain the listener’s brain waves on a few of the  tracks.

At a certain point, it became impossible for me to discern where I end and SacredFire begins. Our voices, hearts, and vision have become one – a pure fusion – a merging into a much bigger transformational experience. It is the classic case of 1+1 = infinity. And now this album of powerful mantras, deep meditations and healing music is yours. So join me on our collective Journey to Infinity and remember, we transform the world by transforming ourselves.

Enjoy. Peace. -davidji