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Sacred Powers Weekend Immersion with davidji & friends (Vianen, Netherlands)

Many people seek peace, happiness and satisfaction. But nothing seems long-lasting. What if we tell you that there is a new way to experience happiness and love. A way that is of a long duration.

That tools exist, that you can make your own, that help you lead a life that is very natural to you. They help you remove the blockages, unrest and pains that stand between you and your highest potential. How does that sound?

You can do much more than you think. A lot has changed in the area of ​​consciousness in recent years. Everything goes much faster, more powerful and deeper than before. This change ensures, among other things, that you can work at all levels at once: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By connecting the great field of information, the Universe and the sacred powers, miracles arise. And miracles are available to everyone. A miracle is first of all a shift in your perception. So a different view of life and yourself. Watching with love. Connected with Love. Connected to your light. Connected to the Universe. Let us make more contact with our holy powers together and you will experience that together we are creating a transformation of the world. Wake up. This is the time.

The Awakening Your Sacred Power event is with A-speakers from home and abroad who have inspiring talks, give power training and sacred meditations.

On 6 & 7 April we organize the Awakening Your Sacred Power event with Davidji & Friends at a beautiful luxury location in the middle of the Netherlands. This event is for the conscious entrepreneur, world improver, coach, yogi, healer or serious spiritual seeker who are driven to get the best out of themselves. The fortune seeker who wants to make the world more beautiful with his talents and give others the best. You are on the spiritual path and you want more. You want a deep dive. You want to make the best choices, based on your intuition and not on your head. You long for peace and happiness. And wants to invite the ancient wisdom of thousands of years ago into your life again. NOW is the time.

2 days immerse yourself in the world of awareness, meditation, miracles, holy powers and lots of love.

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