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Evening Keynote (Birmingham, UK)

Perhaps you’ve already begun your journey on the spiritual path, or perhaps you’ve found yourself at a crossroads of some potentially defining moment in your life.

Maybe you sense a feeling of longing for something beyond what exists right now. Or you have confusion about the situation in which you currently find yourself. There may even be an indescribable sensation inside you — a sort of knowing that there’s something more, something deeper… a place where you can finally experience true love, real abundance, greater fulfillment, or simply peace of mind in the midst of all the chaos that surrounds you. Oftentimes we simply feel trapped by our current circumstances or locked into a non-nourishing pattern.

But there is a doorway to the liberation you seek.

In fact, there are five doorways and five paths that you can walk to gain your footing on your spiritual journey. These paths are available to all seekers whether this is your first step into spirituality or whether you have been practicing for many years.

Join davidji on a path toward awakening the transformation that is inside you, and learn the secrets that Awakening Your Sacred Powers reveals to guide you toward stepping into your power, making more conscious choices, communicating less violently, owning your impact and manifesting the dream life you’ve always wanted.

Birmingham & Midland Institute | Birmingham, UK | April 19, 2018 |7-9PM 

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