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“Stress is caused by being ‘here’, but wanting to be ‘there’.” – Eckhart Tolle

Dear Spiritual Warriors – Welcome to another week of life tools. This week the question is: Are you de-stressified?

The definition of stress is how you respond when your needs are not met.

Destressifiers (those who use the tools of destressifying such as identifying and consciously expressing their needs; practicing 16 seconds of breathing throughout the day; and starting each morning with meditation) better understand their core needs, have greater clarity regarding their prioritization, more consistently meet them, and – in those instances when their needs are not met – their bodies & minds respond in a unique way known as the destressified response where they transcend overwhelm, remind themselves of their innate strengths, clearly see the resources available, and leverage the silver lining in the moment – moving beyond any dark clouds they detect on the horizon.


Essentially, the counterpart to the fight-or-flight response, the destressified response occurs when the body senses it is no longer in perceived danger (physical or emotional), and all the functions of the mindbody return to normal. As we destressify, the body moves from a state of physiological arousal, to one of physiological relaxation and our:

• Breathing slows and becomes quieter
• Pulse decelerates easing our blood pressure
• Digestive functions normalize as blood returns to our intestines
• Stress hormones (adrenalin, glucagon, and cortisol) slow their surges
• Immune system strengthens
• Platelets becomes less sticky and blood flows more easily

Accompanying this destressified physiological state of relaxation, are powerful mindbody benefits that impact our thoughts, how we interpret information, and how we respond to the world. Morning Meditation is the key… as are daily breathing techniques such as taking 16 seconds to BE present in turbulent moments and at 10am, noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, and right before bed. As you begin to destressify, you will notice more & more that you are:

• less emotionally turbulent
• more patient
• a better listener
• less over-whelmed
• more focused and clear
• less fidgety
• more relaxed, and
• truly, the calm amidst the chaos.

Let’s do it right now – simply watching your breathing for 16 seconds…in for four seconds…hold for 4 seconds…exhale for 4 seconds…and holding the breath out for 4 seconds as you ease back into normal breathing.

As you continue to cultivate your meditation practice, you will start to become more comfortable with your authentic self – the true self that rests beneath all of your veneer… Rather than buy-in to your most constricted and conditioned behaviors, you will suddenly find that you are more fluid and more intuitive and more creative…a better problem solver.

This potent shift into this expanded gear will change your basic nature… you will respond to life rather than react to it – and because of this internal shift, you will make better decisions. By cultivating a daily destressifying practice, you will create this state of restful awareness as your primary biological response to stress! Let’s keep meditating together every day and let’s stay connected.

Join me Thursday LIVE! on Hay House Radio and join me for my dharma workshop where you will learn several key aspects to live a destressified life. In the meantime, I’ll see you in the gap! Peace. -davidji

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