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davidji was taught by Deepak Chopra

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Dr. Deepak Chopra, while classically trained as an internist and endocrinologist, is most known for bringing an awareness of alternative medicine and transcendental meditation to the western world. He believes, as does davidji, that true health and peace is best realized through the mind-body connection. Disease and discord in the body should be approached through both treating the medical ailment and that of the spirit. davidji apprenticed under Deepak Chopra and went on to teach meditation at the Chopra Center University.

Today, davidji teaches meditation techniques all over the world to help people improve their health, relationships, and outlook. He is a specialist in Vipassana meditation, which uses mindfulness of breathing, thoughts, feelings and actions to gain insight into the true nature of your reality. You may have heard of this concept as simply “mindfulness”. It is something he feels is definitely lacking in the highly technological, fast-paced world of the present.

davidji has trained more than 200,000 people

During his years as a meditation teacher, davidji touched a lot of lives. People from all walks of life with vastly different experiences have turned to him to find a way to achieve peace and relaxation through becoming mindful of their inner thoughts and needs. It’s a common human experience to feel like you have no control over your life and the direction you’re heading. davidji is a Verdic Master and offers empowerment workshops that help you to regain control over those areas of life where it’s possible and learn acceptance of the ones where it’s not.

He also trains other meditation teachers

davidji is here to help you through all the stages in your journey to enlightenment. Many people are looking to rid themselves of anger and longstanding grudges. davidji offers courses on forgiveness meditation. For those who feel “broken” either physically or mentally, there are specific meditation practices for healing. And, if you’ve experienced a life-changing transformation and want to share your experiences with others, davidji performs teacher certification programs.

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