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Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

Hello Spiritual Warriors!!! & welcome to another edition of The Source!!

There’s a lot of darkness in the world right now… a lot of sadness… hopelessness… frustration… loss… and fear. But moments like these are jewels from which we can change our internal conversation & ultimately our outer dialog. This week, let’s awaken our most divine aspect by cultivating an attitude of gratitude. That’s right! We can shift every fiber of our existence by simply giving birth to a glimmer of gratitude, placing some attention on our ability to be grateful, and then witnessing the power of our ripple.

For the past seven years, I’ve begun every morning with a few minutes of a gratitude practice and it has had a profound impact on my life. Here’s how it works… It happens the moment I wake up – BEFORE I even open my eyes!! As I slowly become conscious or aware that I am no longer sleeping, I silently ask myself, “What am I grateful for?”

Cultivating a Gratitude Practice

I don’t answer. I just repeat that question over and over like a mantra. After I have silently asked about 30 times, about one minute has passed. And then I stop asking and simply listen & receive… as I allow my mind and my heart to innocently fill with everything I am grateful for.

Asking Questions… And Living the Answers

People, animals, experiences, nature, opportunities, the miracles that unfold each day – both profound and mundane, the sunset, the sweet light of the moon, someone being patient with me (more patient than I had been with someone else), someone being harsh with me (and me realizing that I too have been harsh), my food taking “too long” to be prepared & served so I can reflect on hunger and those less fortunate than me, the stubbing of my toe to make me remember the power of paying attention, the violence, pain, & death occurring in peaceful, light-filled cities that keeps my heart in LOVE-flowing mode when I start to take my life for granted, the bravery of those who step beyond their comfort zones to transform themselves & therefore the world… and the moments of stillness & silence when I realize we are all divine versions of God – simply wearing different disguises.

Opening Your Heart & Getting Vulnerable

Starting your day with a loving conversation with God shifts everything that is to come after. Moment after grateful moment pours into our awareness – the fearful conversation that opened your heart, the jealous rant that led you to be more generous, the judging blame that offered you a moment of self-forgiveness, the oh-poor-me, less-than unworthiness that gives you the ability to step into your power… your playing small to inspire you to bring your A game, your paralyzing fear that dissipated into F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal – and the quiet moments of second guessing yourself that lead you to Cosmic TRUST… all transformational & evolutionary learning moments & powerful life lessons. Gratitude can lovingly sweep through us for the magnificent gifts we receive in every moment from everywhere around us.

Pick Your Trajectory

After a few minutes have passed and we open our eyes to Rise, Pee, & then Meditate, we have ten minutes of gratitude rippling through us before we’ve even brushed our teeth!!! That’s the powerful trajectory for every thought, word, and action to follow!!

I’ve done this more than 2,000 mornings in a row. Why would I do this? Because, where attention goes energy flows. Because on whatever we place our awareness blooms, blossoms and grows…and what we drift our awareness away from withers, diminishes and dies.

The Path to Wholeness

By placing our awareness on gratitude before we have even absorbed one ray of sunlight, gratitude becomes the trajectory of our morning, our day and our week! Every seed we plant throughout the day is planted in the fertile soil of gratitude. Some of the greatest heart-based teachers such as Osho, David Simon, and Pema Chodron have stressed that enlightenment cannot be achieved by meditation alone. If our heart is heavy, that heaviness will stand in the way of bliss. If our heart is in darkness, then our meditation will be more of an intellectual exercise and we want to move out of our head and into our heart.

Bean-by-Bean the Bag Gets Filled

Starting our day with gratitude ensures that we move through the day with grace and ease. And that’s the space that we can choose to live our lives from. We are not always so graceful or so easy, but our morning gratitude practice starts us off on a sweeter, more forgiving, more compassionate, more loving path. It’s up to us then to stay on it or find our way back when we’ve strayed throughout the day.

What a magnificent journey to be on! I invite you to join me every morning as we start our day in gratitude. It doesn’t guarantee that the day will unfold perfectly or as we may have predicted. But it does guarantee that as each moment unfurls its miracle, we are right there – only a few heartbeats away… starting from a space of gratitude.

Join me on Hay House Radio and we’ll go deeper into Awakening the Divine – and cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

Peace. -davidji

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