width=City: Fairfield, CT
Teacher: Carolin Kuhmann
Website: cvkuhmann.com
Specialties: Certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher, Certified Heal Your Life® Teacher
Bio: As a dedicated meditation teacher and soulful life coach, I want to help you find your inner stillness. The one which weathers any storm. I want to help you become aware of your thoughts without the fear of drowning in them. I want to teach you how to discriminate between what is real and what isn’t and how to express your unique, beautiful soul, learning to love yourself and others unconditionally. Meditation is a way to open up a connection with yourself. It will help you find tranquility, strength, confidence, and so much more. It will show you a place to rest, heal, and just be. This is where you find your answers. This is where you find yourself.
Contact info:  cvkuhmann@gmail.com or 551-697-3913
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