width=City: Cape Town, South Africa
Teacher Name: Joanne Moss
Name of Practice: Transformation Specialist & Mindfulness Coach
Website: www.joannemoss.com
Bio: I have been around in the people business for over 20 years – globally and across industry sectors.
What gets me up every morning, is the opportunity to work with people who want something different or more for themselves, so they can live a more mindful and meaningful life – giving them a greater sense purpose, meaning, joy, fulfillment and inner peace.
My passion for enabling people to live better quality lives stems from my own journey…… From childhood, I always believed there was a better, kinder and more constructive way of getting the best out of people leaving everyone feeling good about the outcome.
I build trust in my clients through my compassion and humanity – that I am not perfect – merely a work in progress.
I enable and equip my clients to make the changes that will transform their lives by asking the tough questions and holding them accountable, so they can discover their own inner resources. This is what builds their confidence to face their fears, overcome limiting beliefs; embrace change and build their self worth and self esteem.
I help you reconnect with yourself and your value, so you have the courage to live your truth; find your passion and purpose, which will enable you to live a more mindful and meaningful life………leaving you empowered and confident.
Specialties: Personal Transformation & Mindfulness (including meditation) – workshops, retreats, and one-on-one coaching.
Contact info: +27 82 447 1740 mail@joannemoss.com


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