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Soar into Your Best Version with Your 40 days of Transformation!

The number 40 represents something so beautiful: A period of preparation, meditation, and heart-opening for something great to come. Doesn’t it feel like the perfect time to experience a profound shift at your very core to become the best version of yourself possible?

In this online course now available on the Insight Timer app, I give you 40 days of guidance on meditation, Vedanta, Ayurveda, emotional intelligence, abundance consciousness, non-violent communication, mind body nourishment, higher states of consciousness, doshas, intention setting, emotional release techniques, conscious choice-making, yoga philosophy and living with grace in the real world, and more!

These sessions include both guided and silent meditations, as well as pranayam, visualizations, and practical next steps to integrate into your daily life.

Even if you’ve already completed the 40 Days once, I encourage you to dive back in. And if this is your first time, now is the perfect time to step into your power, set your course and own your impact so you can manifest the dream life you’ve always wanted.